How to make your house smell good

If you’ve ever grumpily thought ‘my house never smells fresh,’ or wondered how to keep your house smelling good all the time, check out these tips, so you can start getting compliments on how fresh your house smells and change the smell of your house.

The first step in any fresh smelling home is to get rid of bad smells. We don’t just want to mask existing unpleasant odors with air fresheners.

Trash cans, or your garbage disposal may be the source of bad smells in your house. So a little ‘house deodorizing’ is a good idea to start with.

Get an air purifier

To help keep your home smelling fresh all the time, run an air purifierregularly.

In addition to eliminating household odors, it also reduces dust and pollen.

Get rid of those musty towel smells

One of the lingering odors that could be jeopardizing your home’s freshness is the moldy towel smell. Here’s an easy trick to rid your towels of that gross mildew scent. Soak your towels overnight in hot water and a cup or two of vinegar. You can lay them in the bathtub or put them in the washing machine. Then the next day, wash them like usual, and ta-da! No more musty smell.

Burn candles

Candles make any room smell better!

Scented candles are one of my favorite ways to make our house smell good. There’s something so warm and cozy about the flicker of a real candle.

They range in scent from sweet baked goods, to flowery rose or lavender, to spicy cinnamon. There’s something for everyone!

Try an essential oil diffuser

We absolutely love essential oil diffuser. Just add some water and drops of your favorite essential oils, and enjoy the scent all day.

Get some fresh plants

Fresh flowers and plants are like a natural home deodorizer or freshener. You could treat yourself to a bouquet at the grocery store, or buy some flowering plants to keep in your home. Growing your own herbs is another idea to make your kitchen smell good with natural scents.

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